THE BLACKENED MUSIC SERIES Presents Harvey Milk, with Coalesce and The Atlas Moth at Le Poisson Rouge, March 8 2010

with special guests

Simply put, Harvey Milk are one of the greatest, heaviest bands EVER.  No one sounds like Harvey Milk.  NO ONE.

Formed almost 20 years ago, Harvey Milk makes majestically, beautiful, crushing sludge rock.  Singer Creston Speirs’ raw, ravaged vocals reinvents the blues howl, and are as tortured and anguished as anything ever recorded.  The band’s breathtaking power reveals itself equally through whispered, melancholy near-ballads as by their thunderous, brutally heavy riffs.  Harvey Milk’s live shows are absolutely hypnotic in their intensity.  You DO NOT want to miss this.
Coalesce are riding a triumphant comeback after virtually inventing metalcore 16 years ago, fusing hardcore’s energy with metal’s riffage.  Shifting tempos through whiplash changes, taking their cascade of sound through strange directions with brainy energy,  Coalesce’s finest moment may just be their heralded new album Ox, a challenging slab of extreme metal which Decibel Magazine called the #3 Best Album of 2009.

The young Chicago band The Atlas Moth trade moments of righteous urgency with startlingly pure moments of melody.  Their three guitar attack makes them a thrilling live juggernaut of sound.

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