THE BLACKENED WEEKEND with Shrinebuilder, Krallice, Liturgy, Skeletonwitch, Black Anvil, Rwake, Malkuth and Orphan

KRALLICE with Liturgy, Malkuth and Orphan (curated by Speck)
November 13 at Union Pool. Buy tickets here.

SKELETONWITCH with Black Anvil
November 14 at Union Pool. Buy tickets here.

SHRINEBUILDER with special guests Rwake and Liturgy
November 15 at Le Poisson Rouge. Buy tickets here.




A three day festival with Krallice, Liturgy, Skeletonwitch,
Black Anvil, Rwake, Malkuth, Orphan,
and the debut of doom supergroup Shrinebuilder

The Blackened Music Series continues to present the greatest artists in heavy music with a full weekend of events. After two triumphant shows at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple with grindcore legends Repulsion, Brutal Truth and Pig Destroyer and with doom titans Sunn O))) and Earth, the series ups the ante for it’s next set of performances, a mini-festival called The Blackened Weekend.

The most vibrant music scene in New York today is it’s thrilling take on Black Metal. With mesmerizing, bewilderingly repetitious riffs and trance-inducing, astoundingly relentless drumming, a handful of serious local bands are recreating Black Metal in New York’s image. The scene is led by Krallice, who are celebrating the release of their second album Dimensional Bleedthrough on Friday night, and Liturgy, who’s Renihilation is one of the year’s best, playing twice during the Blackened Weekend. (They played last month as part of the New Yorker Festival). Also playing the Blackened Weekend is two more of Brooklyn’s great Black Metal bands, the long-running Malkuth and new Relapse Records signees Black Anvil.

The series is also proud to present the debut performance of the greatest doom supergroup of all time: Shrinebuilder. Featuring Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Dale Crover (The Melvins), Al Cisneros (Sleep, OM) and Wino (St. Vitus), Shrinebuilder convenes four gods of heavy music to create mature, monolithic, crushing new music. That such a group of legends would create such powerful new music was expected. What’s unexpected is how truly relevant and modern their classic take on doom sounds within today’s music landscape.

Also performing at the Blackened Music weekend are three bands fusing genres in exciting new ways: Skeletonwitch’s blackened take on thrash metal, Rwake’s tar-black take on Southern sludge, and Orphan’s brutal deconstruction of the male/female duo. Each band is ferocious and dynamic onstage, and each is coming into their own right now.



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